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May and June 2024 updates

May and June have been a very busy and constructive period for our team and we wanted to take time to brief you about some major developments for our company  :

First of all, SOTIRIA Technology is proud to be part of the Thales-led project SEACURE that was selected by the European Defence Fund. SEACURE is a development project that will integrate diverse systems of unmanned platforms to perform collective anti-submarine and seabed warfare operations and protect critical maritime infrastructure. Link here:

In addition, SOTIRIA Technology is very honoured to be selected by the US Army's xTech international competition and to be awarded Phase I prize award for its next-gen magnetometers design. Our team is also proud to be shortlisted by the US Navy's Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global)-X competition and to have participated in a dedicated workshop in Tallin, Estonia. Finally, we are happy to receive the 3rd prize award (picture in the header) at the EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS) Hackathon that was successfully organised by NCSR "DEMOKRITOS".

At a product level, our team has installed Nereid™ at a partner location with the purpose to 24/7 monitor underwater activity as well to retrieve valuable underwater data. You can see behind-the-scenes footage in the following link:

Last but not least, June has marked the conclusion of NATO DIANA Bootcamp phase! Our team is extremely thankful to NATO DIANA, the MassChallenge and fellow cohort teams for the amazing support throughout the program and is looking forward to the Grow phase results as well as to the launching of all the initiatives and partnerships achieved throughout the Bootcamp phase (Stay tuned!). For aspiring dual use innovators, check the following link if you want to apply for the 2nd cohort of NATO DIANA:

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