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SOTIRIA Technology selected by DIANA, NATO's Innovation Accelerator

NATO DIANA, SOTIRIA Technology, Underwater Surveillance, Greece, Europe

Following a competitive selection process with more than 1300 applicants globally, SOTIRIA Technology was selected by NATO's DIANA to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions linked to underwater sensing and surveillance.

What’s unique about DIANA is the sheer breadth and scale, with 31 nations pulling together. This development will give our team the opportunity to network with top technology and dual-use end-users around the globe as well as to receive valuable input and feedback linked to the solutions and products developed.

Our team is very excited about the opportunity to represent the Greek 🇬🇷 and European 🇪🇺 ecosystem and to take further steps towards materialising our vision to build a safer future through cutting-edge, scientific, and sustainable AI solutions in the underwater domain. This vision perfectly aligns with DIANA's objective "Uniting disruptors to shape a peaceful future" and we are very confident for the exciting results to be captured throughout the next months.

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